Going It Alone Was Not the Plan

Women on Their Own

Going It Alone Was Not the Plan Case Study

“Now that my husband is gone, I’m overwhelmed by the numerous financial decisions I have to make. I fear that I’ll make unwise decisions.”

The Situation:

  • Sarah, age 56
  • Husband Mark passed away two years ago
  • Two adult children
  • Net worth $5 million

It’s been almost two years since Mark passed away, and Sarah is still overwhelmed with financial decisions. She wants to wisely oversee her resources, but struggles with how to handle each of the many decisions before her. The professionals she and her husband previously used speak in financial jargon instead of explaining matters in a clear manner.  Sarah is a bright woman who wants to fully grasp her current situation and know that she is taking the right steps now to help her children in the future.

The Solution:

The goal would be that after meeting with us, Sarah would feel much relief. We would work to help her get perspective on her overall situation by clearly discussing her current financial status as well as modeling the future using reasonable assumptions. Making decisions on important matters would become a collaborative effort. We would address the questions that are important to Sarah while exploring a deep analysis of whom SHE is and where SHE wants to go. She would now possess an ongoing, step-by-step blueprint that helps her achieve what is most significant to her.

Disclaimer – These case studies are for illustrative purposes only. They are not based on a particular client’s circumstances and are not personal advice. As this information has been prepared without considering your objectives, financial situation or needs, you should consider its appropriateness to your circumstances. You should seek assistance from your financial adviser before acting on this information.


Helping My Family

Can I afford to gift to my children and/or grandchildren now without risking my financial independence? They have current financial needs, and I’d rather help now as opposed to leaving them a large inheritance later.

Going it Alone was not the Plan

Now that my husband is gone, I’m overwhelmed by the numerous financial decisions I have to make. I fear that I’ll make unwise decisions.

Let us help guide you on the journey to your Best Life and leaving a Powerful Legacy…

Going It Alone Was Not the Plan September 13, 2012

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