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Payne Wealth Partners specializes in cultivating partnerships with individuals whom we can provide value, so we are not the right fit for everyone. Our reputation has been built on serving very high net worth clients who exhibit many of these characteristics:

  • Wants to make intelligent financial choices and values professional guidance.
  • Desires to have time free to pursue career and family activities.
  • Values long-term relationships and recognizes that important goals take time and discipline to achieve.
  • Enjoys collaborating with professionals who are dedicated to their best interests.
  • Sees that paying a fully disclosed fee for independent advice is preferable to paying the often-hidden costs of product-based commissions and other charges.

We have assisted many clients over the past 20+ years, and we have found that a majority fit into three categories:

What Path have YOU taken?


Let us help guide you on the journey to your Best Life and leaving a Powerful Legacy…

Who We Serve April 30, 2012

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