Why Payne Wealth Partners?

Because Sustaining Multi-Generational Wealth
Requires a “Big Picture” Approach

Payne Wealth Partners exists to help very-high-net-worth clients lead their best lives and leave powerful legacies. Our holistic, personalized approach is specifically designed to fulfill the unique needs of families and individuals who have well achieved financial security and appreciate the value of having trusted advisers who understand multi-generational wealth. Generally, our clients represent families whose net worth range from $10 million to $100 million. You may be among the families who may benefit by learning more about a relationship with us.

Our qualified team provides comprehensive wealth management with an independent perspective designed to help you make the greatest impact possible with your wealth, now and in the future. Our advisery relationship process begins with developing a deep understanding of your current situation and your goals. We form an ongoing partnership that focuses on much more than investment opportunities to help your achieve your unique financial goals.

Payne Wealth Partners focuses on Your Family’s Wealth AND Your Family’s Values.

We know that maintaining family wealth beyond one or two generations is challenging. Taxes take their tolls at many levels, with income tax rates as high as 50 percent, and wealth transfer tax rates at 40 percent. Family assets are divided among heirs and charities, and then may be divided again — and again. Ideally, future generations will continue to build your family’s wealth. However, without the right values-based plan in place to guide future generations, your family’s resources may dissipate quickly.

Through our wealth planning, investment management and business exit processes, our professionals will work in close partnership with your family to help achieve your current goals and your goals for future generations.

We assist you to help achieve objectives that may be a part of your “Big Picture” plan such as:

  • Help establish the right balance between your financial security and generational wealth transfer
  • Help minimize taxes for you and for future generations
  • Help preserve family values through means such as carefully defined trusts
  • Help establish vehicles to best support your family’s philanthropic goals
  • Help select the right investments to maximize wealth for the goals of future generations, consistent with your risk tolerance and capacity.

The Payne Wealth Partners Team is purposefully structured to give you the valuable experience that very-high-net-worth families deserve. Our diverse team of specialists generously helps you:

  • Extensive Professional Knowledge and Skills: Our advisers have over 60+ years of combined experience regarding financial management and the implications of issues such as wealth transfer taxes, estate taxes, income taxes, investments, trusts, and endowments. This expertise comes from years of education, including graduate degrees and prestigious certifications such as Certified Financial Planner™ and Certified Business Exit Consultant™.
  • Relevant Experience: While some firms serve a wide spectrum of clients, Payne Wealth Partners focuses on very-high-net-worth & highly successful families every day. That means our advisers are always improving the knowledge and skills that you need by managing issues that are similar to yours. As it is wise to have a surgeon who regularly performs the operation you need, it is also wise to partner with the financial advisers who have the expertise your unique situation requires.
  • Deep Understanding: Payne Wealth Partners believes that developing a deep understanding of each client is critical to success. So we take the time to really get to know you and understand what matters most to your family. Payne Wealth Partners has a purposefully limited number of clients per adviser to ensure that each client receives the personal attention that is necessary at this level. As of March 31, 2015 (our last regulatory filing) Payne Wealth Partners had an average of 20 clients for every one adviser. In contrast, the average number of clients that each financial adviser in the United States and Canada serves is 150, according to The State of Retail Wealth Management, 5th Edition (PriceMetrix, December 31, 2014).

It’s also important to understand that Payne Wealth Partners advisers are true advisers, not product sales representatives. As an independent, fee-only firm, we are committed to financial transparency — there are no, hidden costs or agendas. Our fiduciary standard requires us to put your best interests first.

Partner with us to help guide you on the journey to

Living Your Best Life and Leaving a Powerful Legacy…


Or, learn about Keystone Financial Consulting – for families who want to attain and maintain financial security.

Why Payne Wealth Partners? November 27, 2012

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