Company History

From humble beginnings to recent changes, Payne Wealth Partners and Keystone Financial Consulting have kept the same unique goal.

Payne Wealth Partners’ story is one of progress and innovation led by the desire to continually serve their clients best.

The business opened in 1989 as Payne Investment Counsel. The founder, T. Taylor Payne, initially provided only investment management services; the thought was that other advisors would gradually join the firm, with each keeping his or her own “book” of investment clients. However, it didn’t take long for Payne to see the limitations of this approach. “Clients were often curious about broader planning issues, interests that went well beyond their portfolio,” says Payne. Realizing the firm needed to expand its offering to include a deep set of wealth planning services; Payne obtained his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™, or CFP®, certification in 1991. Now Payne Wealth Partners has 5 professionals who have earned the CFP® certification, continuing to build its character of serving their clients best.

In April of 2014, over a year after relocating to a new office building specifically designed for how they do business, Payne Wealth Partners was proud to announce the addition of Keystone Financial Consulting – A Division of Payne Wealth Partners.   As the firm exists to serve highly successful people and to better deliver on their mission, they decided to organize their business into two distinct divisions – each clearly focused on helping clients live their best life. The Keystone solution delivers services geared to helping achieve the financial security necessary to support the client’s life goals. This will typically include wealth planning and investment management, using professionals specifically trained for serving the specific needs of Keystone clients. The Payne Wealth Partners solution is for those very-high-net-worth clients who have well achieved financial security and enables clients to maximize the impact of their wealth with strategies that are intended to minimize income taxes, maximize wealth transfer to future generations, best support philanthropic goals, and provide value-added investment results.

The addition of Keystone marks a new level of dedication to the firm’s mission of “Empowering clients to lead their best life and leave a powerful legacy.” The firm is well positioned to continue its tradition of progress and innovation as they build each day towards serving their clients best.

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