Kent Miiller

Kent Miiller

Family First, Chicago Cubs fan, John Deere Enthusiast


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Kent Miiller joined Payne Wealth Partners in summer 2017 as a paraplanner. In this role, he is responsible for gathering client information and data, using the firm’s wealth planning software, and developing different financial plans for the team’s legacy and success line clients. His responsibilities allow the CFPs on staff to focus more completely on developing client relationships. Kent is a recent graduate of Purdue University where he earned his bachelors in Financial Counseling and Planning.

Kent recently moved to Evansville from Indianapolis where he was raised. He enjoys spending time with family at the lake, playing golf and baseball with his longtime friends, or spending time in the fields on his grandparent’s farm.

One of the more unique things about Kent is the spelling of his last name “Miiller”. It is not a typo. It is in fact spelled with two “i’s”. “I have always had people consistently misspelling or mispronouncing my last name. If I had a dollar for every time someone messed it up, I would be a very rich man.”

My typical weekend…

My most embarrassing moment…

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Kent Miiller July 24, 2017

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