Alex Jenison

Alex Jenison

Newlywed, SoCal Settler, Arsenal F.C. Supporter

Marketing Specialist

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When Payne Wealth Partners decided to begin an internship program, they knew they’d have the opportunity to work with a number of talented, enthusiastic college students. What they didn’t realize was that their very first intern would make such a lasting contribution to the firm.

As a junior at USI working on his Public Relations degree, Alex Jenison brought fresh ideas and high standards to Payne’s internship program. It didn’t take long for it to become apparent that he would help the firm to move forward in its marketing goals, and when Alex graduated in May 2014, Payne Wealth Partners hired him as a full-time employee.

“I love the fact that we make such a positive impact on people’s lives each day,” he says. “Our team has a willingness to provide nothing but the best service to those we serve.  I go home every day feeling like we, as a team, made a difference in the lives of great, deserving people.”

Because Alex is Payne Wealth Partners’ Marketing Specialist, it’s his responsibility to promote the firm, which he does by managing the firm’s digital marketing, events, advertisements, social media, website, and internal/external communications. Through his efforts, the firm’s client roster continues to grow. He says, “It’s incredibly rewarding knowing that we are helping more and more people all the time.”

When he’s not helping to promote Payne Wealth Partners to the larger tri-state area, Alex likes to turn his attention to learning about global affairs, business, culture, and design. A former college soccer player, he also supports England’s Arsenal Football Club – it might be called football in England, but it’s known to Americans as soccer – and spends his weekends watching and playing sports. A recently-acquired collection of vinyl records has led him to invest in a record player, and he’s developed an enthusiasm for the music of Frank Sinatra. And in the fall of 2015, Alex will marry fiance Kelsey. “Kelsey and I are looking forward to traveling, learning, and making new, exciting memories together.”

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Alex Jenison May 10, 2013

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