Our Wealth Planning Process

Wealth Planning to Reach Your Destination

Wealth planning is not a one-time action. It is an important ongoing process that develops and maintains a blueprint that will take you from your current financial position to your desired destination, meeting each important goal along the way.

Like any trip, however, you will not efficiently reach your destination without a mapped-out route. And even that plan can change along the way due to road construction, traffic or bad weather — elements you had not planned on. Similarly, life’s journey will be interrupted with unexpected roadblocks, which is why continual wealth planning is vital to maintaining financial peace.

Don’t be confused — wealth planning is not investment management. It is about how to best meet your financial aspirations. In the midst of life’s changes, wealth planning continually addresses and answers the following questions:

  •  “What are the best ways to utilize all of my resources to accomplish the things in life that mean the most?”
  • “Am I doing the things today that are required to accomplish my dreams for tomorrow?”

When you team with Payne Wealth Partners, you can expect a continuous one-on-one partnership with a dedicated wealth planning professional who will develop a creative and customized approach to enhance and protect your financial future.

We begin this process by rolling up our sleeves and…

Understanding Your Current Financial Picture

Determining What it Will Take for You to Meet Your Goals

And then we…

Provide the Knowledge and Attention You Need Along the Way

Follow A Proven Process that will Continually Ensure You are on Track

Our firm is dedicated to the wealth planning process. In fact, we have a special division of team members that does nothing but work on wealth planning. Our team is experienced at weaving a myriad of complex data into a wealth plan geared specifically to you and your life goals. We are constantly working to ensure that our client families live their best lives and are doing the things required to leave a powerful legacy- via both life values and financially.

Let us help guide you on the journey to your Best Life and leaving a Powerful Legacy…

Our Wealth Planning Process April 29, 2012

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