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Payne Wealth Partners serves very-high-net-worth families
who want to lead their best lives and leave powerful legacies!

Payne Wealth Partners focuses on what each client values most in life.

The Payne Wealth team specializes in providing comprehensive wealth management solutions to address the unique challenges that successful families face. We offer customized wealth planning, investment management, and business exit planning services.

First, we take the time to establish a personal relationship and learn what is truly important to each family. Our advisors are committed to providing the ongoing support that clients need to follow through and achieve their goals. Our fee-only structure is straight-forward and easy to understand. Our fiduciary standard ensures that our clients’ best interests always come first.

Is Payne Wealth Partners right for YOU?

Payne Wealth Partners specializes in serving very-high-net-worth clients who want to make the greatest impact possible with their wealth. We help create strategies to assist in minimizing taxes, help maximize the transfer of wealth to future generations, and help clients fulfill their philanthropic objectives. Payne Wealth Partners’ clients understand the value of partnering with trusted professionals to achieve their financial goals.

After 25 years of experience, Payne Wealth Partners has found that we best serve clients who fit into one of the following three categories. Please choose the category that best describes Your Path in Life:

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Business Owners

You focus on the success of your business 24/7… Payne Wealth Partners can help you make wise, informed decisions that balance your business goals with your family’s goals. We offer exit planning strategies designed to help you plan a successful transition.

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High Income Earners

You have exceptional qualifications and earn a very high income… Payne Wealth Partners strives to help you develop strategies that support your generous compensation package. We focus on your family’s financial goal through each stage of your life.

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Women on Their Own

You now face the challenge of managing your wealth on your own, due to life’s events… Payne Wealth is prepared to serve as your financial partner, providing expertise and insights to help you make those important decisions with confidence.

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