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No one knows the future, but everyone can prepare!

We can help you get ready for the changes ahead, whether they are retirement, unemployment, birth of your first child (or grandchild) and more.

Change can be unsettling, even for those who are prepared. Often, even the best events in life – a birth, new job or dream relocation – can be more rewarding by having a financial plan. The financial planning services of Payne Wealth Partners and Keystone Financial Consulting help to provide clarity, confidence and peace of mind in the face of a life transition. You deserve a planning-centric solution that is relevant to your unique situation.

Change is inevitable. If you are going through one of these, reach out to us today:

  • New Job
  • Job Loss
  • Phasing into retirement
  • Selling or buying a business
  • Selling or buying a house
  • Relocating
  • Financial windfall
  • Child going away to college
  • Empty nest
  • And many more

Relevant Information for You…

General Life Transitions

1. Getting married
2. Going through a divorce or separation
3. Recent loss of your spouse (widowhood)
4. Expecting a child
5. Adopting a child
6. Need to hire childcare
7. Child entering adolescence
8. Child with special needs
9. Child preparing for college
10. Child going away to college
11. Child getting married
12. Empty nest
13. Special family event
14. Providing assistance to a family member
15. Concerned about an aging parent
16. Concerned about the health of spouse or child
17. Concerned about personal health
18. Family member in need of professional care
19. Family member with disability or serious illness
20. Family member expected to die soon
21. Recent death of a family member
22. Recent birth of a child
23. Family member diagnosed with cancer
24. Entering single parenthood
25. Family member with special needs

Work/Career Life Transitions

26. Contemplating career change
27. New job
28. Job promotion
29. Job loss
30. Job restructuring
31. New job training or education program
32. Starting a new business
33. Gaining or losing a business partner
34. Selling or closing a business
35. Transferring business to family member
36. Downshift / Simplify work life
37. Taking a sabbatical or leave of absence
38. Phasing into retirement
39. Full retirement from current job / career
40. Buying an existing business
41. Expanding an existing business

There Are Many Types of Life Transitions.

Financial/Investment Life Transitions

42. Selling a house
43. Refinancing mortgage
44. Purchasing a home
45. Relocating
46. Reconsidering investment philosophy
47. Significant investment gain
48. Significant investment loss
49. Concerned about debt
50. Considering an investment opportunity
51. Receiving an inheritance or financial windfall
52. Selling assets
53. Considering changing financial services provider

Community/Charitable Life Transitions

54. Give to other charitable organizations
55. Monthly Stipend to Parent(s) (Parental Pension)
56. Gifting to Children or Grandchildren
57. Develop or Review an Estate Plan
58. Develop an End of Life Plan
59. Creating or Funding a Foundation
60. Creating or Funding a Scholarship Fund
61. Give to Community Causes or Events
62. Give to Church / Religious Organizations or Causes

Let us help guide you on the journey to your Best Life and leaving a Powerful Legacy…

Life Transitions Hub January 13, 2016

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