Keystone Financial Consulting Wealth Planning Process

Keystone’s Wealth Planning Process is about providing for
Your Family’s Best Life – Today AND Tomorrow

You want your family to have the financial security and freedom to live life to the fullest. And, like most highly successful people, you understand that a professional relationship and carefully constructed plan will help you achieve that status in life.

Keystone Financial Consulting’s wealth planning process is designed to provide that relationship and deliver that plan, customized specifically to fulfill what matters most to you. Our team of advisors has specialized expertise to help you skillfully manage your money today – so that you can make the most of your financial resources for today and tomorrow.

Our wealth planning process helps you put your financial life in order by mapping a comprehensive, adaptable plan for dealing with financial issues such as:

  • Cash flow
  • Lifestyle expenses
  • Tax planning
  • Educational expenses
  • Managing debt

  • Life insurance
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Saving for your future
  • Social Security options

The Keystone Wealth Planning Process works like this:

We establish a clear understanding of your current financial situation.

As we begin our relationship, we want to understand what matters most to your family and the concerns that you have. In our wealth planning process, we gather the financial information necessary to thoroughly understand the resources available to you. We need to understand the complete picture. Together, we consider current and future lifestyle costs, and review documents such as tax returns, life and long-term care insurance policies, stock option details, wills and trusts, beneficiary designations, and business agreements.

Our Investment Management specialists are also involved at this initial stage to begin conversations to deeply understand your feelings about the risks and returns associated with investing. This will be important as investment returns and risks are other key elements to understanding what your financial future may look like.

We develop a customized Wealth Planning Platform to help you fund your best life.

Now that we understand the big picture of your life and your financial resources, the next step is to determine how you can use your resources most effectively to achieve and maintain financial independence. We develop relevant strategies for managing your money and at the same time we continue to further clarify your vision of your best life today and tomorrow. Together, we work through decisions involving issues such as:

  • Strategic ways to help children or grandchildren with college costs
  • How to best shape your balance sheet for a secure future, maximizing assets and minimizing risks
  • Cost-effective budgeting for major purchases such as new cars or a house
  • When and how to claim Social Security benefits
  • Qualified plan, IRA and Roth IRA strategies that help build family wealth in ways that minimize taxes

The outcome is your personalized Wealth Planning Platform — an adaptable blueprint designed to help you live in a financially secure fashion and achieve what matters most to you throughout your entire life. Your Wealth Planning Platform is available to you via a client website, with secure digital access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Daily updates enable you to use this as a budgeting tool with your planning and investment information at your fingertips.

We provide the professional expertise and personal attention you need.

A diverse team of highly qualified financial specialists serves you on an ongoing basis. Keystone Team Members offer you the expertise that comes from years of experience, plus graduate degrees and prestigious certifications such as CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, the “gold standard” in the financial planning profession. Regular communication keeps us in tune with your needs. At the center of all of our processes is an ongoing, personal relationship with you and a commitment to putting your interests first. That means you receive the attention that highly successful people require.

We follow a proven process to keep you on track.

The Keystone Team works with you on an ongoing basis to keep your wealth planning platform up to date with life’s inevitable ups and downs. At the outset, we design your planning platform to adapt to changes such as the arrival of children and grandchildren, a new home, an unexpected business offer, or tax law revisions. Our advisors build a strong relationship with you so that we can evaluate the changes in your life as they occur and help you stay on course for success.

Keystone Financial Consulting’s wealth planning process is fundamental to providing a high quality lifestyle for your family on an ongoing, long-term basis. It may even help you sleep better at night!

Let us help guide you on the path to Attaining and Maintaining Financial Security…


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Keystone Financial Consulting Wealth Planning Process April 29, 2012

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