Keystone Investment Management Process

Our Investment Management focuses on you!

Keystone Financial Consulting sees investment management as an important tool to help you accomplish what matters most to you and your family. It can enhance your Financial Life Planning, as planning for financial independence may be fundamental to living your best life.

The investment world sometimes seems to be focused on beating a benchmark, competition, and areas that, while interesting to analyze, may have little to do with achieving the lifestyle you want. Our highly credentialed investment team will partner with you to:

We learn what makes you tick—your vision for your family and your life, your time frame, your stages of life, the risk level that’s most comfortable for you, and where you want to go in your financial life. Keystone’s Financial Life Planning specialists work side-by-side with us, as developing this deep understanding is at the center of both Financial Life Planning and Investment Management.

Keystone Financial Consulting’s fiduciary standard and core values are in place to help provide peace-of-mind.

We are a fee-only, independent advisory firm and receive no compensation for investment transactions.

Your personalized investment policy statement helps establish a foundation that can lead to success. Keystone advisors create a plan that is truly unique to you, offering much more than the “cookie cutter” solutions that you might find elsewhere. We carefully consider your entire situation, then incorporate into your plan the rate of return needed to reach your lifetime financial goals.

We attempt to blend what we believe are low-cost investments to achieve the risk level that works for you. As your partner, we guide you with the discipline you need to stay the course on an ongoing basis. Creating an investment strategy that serves you well through good and bad markets is our passion.

Our investment team monitors your portfolio on a daily basis. As one of our clients you have 24/7 access to a secure portfolio management and reporting website that updates each business day to show you how your portfolio is performing. Quarterly reports offer you snapshots of your investment accounts, associated performance, and relevant benchmarks. Monthly brokerage statements usually come directly from the firm where your funds are invested. We also stay in touch through meetings, phone calls, emails, and other electronic communication to effectively fulfill your needs and preferences.

The financial markets can produce an overwhelming amount of important information on a daily basis. Keystone’s team approach puts the knowledge and experience of a diverse group of financial professionals to work for you. Our highly credentialed professionals are well prepared to identify the information that’s relevant to your situation and the choices that can help fulfill your financial goals. Our six-member investment committee adds another layer of customized expertise, and meets at least monthly to review portfolio asset allocation strategies, risk characteristics, and potential cost savings for you.

Keystone’s Investment Management is designed for life-long success

The Keystone Financial Consulting Division of Payne Wealth Partners offers you a long-term, strategic-based approach with some tactical trades (shorter-term investments) that may be implemented when appropriate. The foundation of this approach starts with setting percentage target allocations. We proactively rebalance your portfolio back to those targets to realign your portfolio with the original asset allocation percentages. The concept is closer to a “buy and hold” strategy, rather than an active trading approach. As your goals and needs change over time, major events such as retirement and college funding grow near, or legislative changes that affect your financial life occur, we adjust the strategic asset allocation targets to better fulfill who you are. We build portfolios with an emphasis on what we believe are low-cost, well diversified investment choices.

“Eat our own cooking” philosophy

Keystone Team members invest in the same funds that we recommend to you. Because, we know that no one wants to eat at a restaurant where the chef refuses to eat. It prompts the question: “What is wrong with the food if the chef won’t eat it?” However, at Keystone, we do “eat our own cooking.” We use Keystone’s investment solutions for our own personal portfolios – so you know that we believe so strongly in our financial advice that we use it in our own financial lives. We treat your portfolio with the same diligent care that we devote to our own.

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Let the Keystone Team help you achieve the financial independence you deserve.

Keystone Investment Management Process April 29, 2012

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