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A relationship with YOU is at the center of
Keystone’s Financial Life Planning Solutions.

The Keystone Financial Consulting team knows that a deep, ongoing, and proactive relationship with each client is essential. So before we talk about money, we learn about you and your family. We want to know how you see your life story unfolding in an ideal world.

“Mutual trust and understanding become the basis for a long-term partnership.”

Then together, we assess the “big picture” of connecting your life to your finances. Keystone’s highly credentialed team of professionals offers you three relationship-centered processes that are designed to align your life and your finances.

Our Three Relationship-Centered Processes Are:

Keystone’s proactive financial life planning process establishes a good foundation to help you attain and maintain the financial independence that you may need to live your best life. Highly-credentialed Keystone advisors meet with you for in-depth discussions that focus on you — your family’s values, your life situation, your goals and your vision for the future. In addition, we:

  • Assess your current financial life and the choices that your family can make today to help provide ongoing quality throughout all stages of your family’s life.
  • Customize our planning to support what’s most important to you – whether it’s paying cash for college costs, making the most of retirement opportunities, helping charities increase their impact, or traveling the world.
  • Produce a written Financial Life Planning Platform which provides a clear, adaptable guide for your ongoing lifestyle.
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Keystone’s Investment Management Process endeavors to further enhance your Financial Life Planning by designing an investment policy statement that is tailored to your specific situation. We don’t just plug your data into a formula. Your investment policy is fully customized to address your goals. We incorporate a disciplined approach to help keep your investment strategy on track through the market’s ups and downs. With your full approval, we implement your strategy and monitor your investments to assist your efforts to achieve the financial independence you deserve.

An ongoing relationship is integral to Keystone’s Financial Life Planning. We believe that in order to deliver relevant solutions, we must keep you informed through regular meetings, phone calls, email, and convenient, secure online options such as GoToMeeting. We provide you with a secure, password-protected client website that provides you with daily updates on your financial life planning strategies and investing strategies. The Keystone team will proactively update your planning and investing to keep them current and on track to help you maintain the lifestyle that is important to you.

A relationship with Keystone Financial Consulting offers much more than just a transaction.

Wealth Planning Process

Working in partnership is our key to successful wealth planning. Learn what a relationship with Keystone Financial Consulting can do for you and your family.

Investment Management Process

Keystone Financial Consulting believes in true investment management, not selling products. Learn about an investment process where your best interests come first.

Business Succession Process

Keystone Financial Consulting is ready to help you prepare a Business Succession Plan that benefits and protects: Your Family, Your Interests, Your Assets, and Your Employees.

Partner with us to help guide you on the journey to

Living Your Best Life and Leaving a Powerful Legacy…

Keystone Solutions For You November 27, 2012

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