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Financial consulting to tell me where investments fit in my financial portfolio.Focusing on what matters most to you

Keystone Financial Consulting – a division of Payne Wealth Partners – offers comprehensive financial life planning for successful families and individuals who want to make informed choices to facilitate living their best lives. Our first priority is learning deeply who you are and what’s most important in your life – your priorities for today and tomorrow, the possibilities for your future, and the impact that you want to make for your family, your community, and your profession. Then we look at how your financial resources can help you best fulfill your vision. We assess your financial life – which involves much more than just investment management.

A Team of Professionals

Keystone’s highly credentialed team of professionals specializes in aligning the way you use your money with how you want to live your life today and tomorrow. Our approach centers on you.

  • Your customized financial life planning will provide specific, written action items designed to support your priorities and ease your concerns. To simplify your life, we then help you implement the strategies we recommend.
  • Keystone’s comprehensive solutions for you will address issues such as:
    • Your family’s values and the lifestyle you want
    • How to use your income most efficiently today and tomorrow
    • Planning for family life events
    • Managing debt
    • Risk and insurance
    • Considerations for minimizing taxes
    • Preparing for all stages of life
  • Investment management is important, so of course it’s included, but it’s only a part of what Keystone can do for you.

You can count on your Keystone team to provide a deep, personal relationship that focuses solely on understanding you and serving your needs. We are committed to providing ongoing support that will help you follow through and actually live the life you desire. Our fee-only structure means that you have no hidden costs and that we do not earn commissions for the sale of financial products. Our fiduciary standard ensures that your best interests always come first.


Is Keystone Financial Consulting right for you?

The answer may be YES!

  • If you are among the successful people who recognize the value of partnering with a highly credentialed team of professionals.
  • If you are ready to purposefully identify what you really want in life and take action towards achieving financial success.

Payne Wealth Partners created the Keystone division to address the need for a service team and a process specifically designed for families who are building and maintaining financial security to live their best lives. These clients have different goals and need different solutions than our Payne Wealth Partners clients.

Most Keystone clients follow one of the three paths below.
Please take a moment to explore the path that best describes you:


I am a…
Business Owner

You focus on the success of your business 24/7… Keystone can help you make wise, informed decisions that balance your business goals with your family’s needs. Additionally, we offer business exit planning to help set your course for a successful transition to your next phase in life.


I am a…
High-Income Earner

You have exceptional qualifications and earn a very high income… Keystone offers you strategies to help ensure that your generous compensation package covers your family’s current and future financial needs—through each stage of your life.


I am…

You face the challenge of financial life planning on your own, due to life’s events… Keystone is prepared to serve as your trusted financial life partner, providing expertise and insights to help you make those important decisions with clarity and confidence.


*The above is for illustrative purposes only and no actual client comment or experience is reflected in this presentation.

Keystone Financial Consulting August 28, 2014

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