Benefits & Compensation Case Study

High Income Earners

“I have been dedicated to my company and career for many years and have a great income and benefits package to show for it. I want to be sure to make decisions about my entire package of compensation and benefits that will best serve me and my family.”

The Situation:

  • Sam, age 58, and Susie, age 54
  • Three children living independently
  • Two grandchildren

Sam is a top executive of a large company with significant compensation and a benefits package with many options. Sam and Susie’s combined balance sheet tops $8 million, including some concentration in Sam’s employer stock.

As Sam and Susie near retirement age, they want to be sure that they make the right financial decisions, particularly in regard to Sam’s company restricted stock awards and stock options. They have a number of things they want to do in retirement, including buying a second home and gifting to their children and grandchildren. They know the importance of making smart choices today to be able to meet these goals but need some direction.

The Solution:

Payne Wealth Partners’ professional team would start by developing a deep understanding of Sam’s compensation and benefits package including studying company documents and discussing each plan with his human resource department. Next, we would prepare a wealth plan illustrating where Sam and Susie stand today financially and what their future balance sheet may look like under different circumstances. By coordinating choices regarding Sam’s restricted stock awards and stock options — along with all of the other activity in their financial lives — we would be able to maximize the value realized from these company benefits. Additionally, we would work closely with Sam and Susie’s CPA to assure our recommended strategies were tax efficient and feasible, given their income tax picture.

Our professional team would be closely involved in developing and executing key strategies for exercising stock options. An important consideration would be Sam and Susie’s concentration in employer stock, with possible strategies designed to exit positions in a way that were efficient, yet still increased Sam and Susie’s chances of meeting their life goals.  Payne Wealth Partners would be recommending an investment management program that considered their present employer stock concentration and that was accompanied by ongoing reporting permitting comparison to appropriate benchmark indexes.

Their personal wealth plan would  be the platform for relating Sam and Susie’s assets and earnings to their goals as it was revisited and updated over the years. Written recommendations for action items would been integral in staying focused and organized in these complex areas.

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Benefits and Compensation

I have been dedicated to my company and career for many years and have a great income and benefits package to show for it. I want to be sure to make decisions about my entire package of compensation and benefits that will best serve me and my family.

Work and Family Balance

I work very long hours in order to earn my income and, now that my school loans are paid off, I enjoy spending that income on my family and lifestyle. My main concern is achieving financial independence and security while still enjoying a great quality of life.

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Disclaimer – These case studies are for illustrative purposes only. They are not based on a particular client’s circumstances and are not personal advice. As this information has been prepared without considering your objectives, financial situation or needs, you should consider its appropriateness to your circumstances. You should seek assistance from your financial adviser before acting on this information.
Benefits & Compensation Case Study November 8, 2012

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