High Income Earners

Payne Wealth Partners helps High-Income Earners put their compensation to work—to lead their best life

As a high-income earner, you need to know that each part of your compensation package is working hard for you and your family. You are highly qualified in your career field and enjoy an upscale lifestyle, but you work long hours and shoulder heavy responsibilities. Meanwhile, making the best use of the many components of your income and benefits package demands significant time and knowledge.

Payne Wealth Partners is ready to be YOUR financial partner with the experience, expertise and commitment to help you:

  • Manage cash flow to support your family’s lifestyle and meet your savings goals
  • Implement investment strategies to fund future needs—e.g. college or retirement
  • Maximize the value of company benefits
  • Best manage your resources for what matters most.

The Payne Wealth Team specializes in helping you with concerns such as these:

  • How do I manage my income and benefits to best serve my family now and in the future?
  • How do I handle the significant income tax burden created by my success?
  • How can I get a grasp on what my family is spending for our current lifestyle?
  • How can we maintain our lifestyle in retirement?
  • I enjoy giving back to the community, often with cash gifts. How can I most efficiently support the charities I care about?
  • How can I best manage the many incentive compensation plans and employee benefits to most efficiently help me reach my goals?

Payne Wealth Partners’ professional advisors will customize our services to fit your needs. We want to build a relationship that puts your best interests first.


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Disclaimer – These case studies are for illustrative purposes only. They are not based on a particular client’s circumstances and are not personal advice. As this information has been prepared without considering your objectives, financial situation or needs, you should consider its appropriateness to your circumstances. You should seek assistance from your financial adviser before acting on this information.


Benefits and Compensation

I have been dedicated to my company and career for many years and have a great income and benefits package to show for it. I want to be sure to make decisions about my entire package of compensation and benefits that will best serve me and my family.

Work and Family Balance

I work very long hours in order to earn my income and, now that my school loans are paid off, I enjoy spending that income on my family and lifestyle. My main concern is achieving financial independence and security while still enjoying a great quality of life.

High Income Earners July 19, 2012

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