Keystone Financial Consulting: 2014 4th Quarter Client Commentary



“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are to miss the future. “

– John F. Kennedy

Change for the Better

Planning Commentary

The old adage tells us “nothing is certain but death and taxes.”  If allowed the liberty, we would also add “change” to this list of certainties.  Our world is constantly changing, some for the better and some for the worse.  Do we even remember life before smart phones and electronic tablets?  Remember life before the internet?  Remember those large bag phones people would use in their cars?

Change is certainly occurring within the technologies that we employ to serve and engage our clients, and all for the better.  As we prepare for year-end there are a number of exciting initiatives that your Keystone Financial Consulting planning team is working to advance.  One particular initiative is advancing the level of direct client access to our technology used in the wealth planning process.  During the fourth quarter we plan to launch our new client planning site, accessible 24 hours a day.  This will be tailored to each individual client and will include information and tools such as the following:

  • Your current net worth with many underlying values updated daily
  • Automated spending and budgeting tools
  • The ability to run customized reports that illustrate cash flow and other key personal financial statistics
  • A vault that provides secure storage for files and for sharing data back and forth

This technology is a significant enhancement to our firm’s ability to deliver wealth planning information to our clients on a continual basis.  Increased engagement with our clients and utilization of industry-leading technology is more important than ever as the financial, economic and tax landscapes continue to change how our planning must respond to help our clients achieve and maintain financial security.

At this time we are in the final testing phases and making some revisions prior to the introduction of this platform to our clients, but expect this platform to be available soon!


Posted: October 15, 2014terry

Authored by: Terry Prather, CFP®, ChFC®

Direct Phone: 812-602-6307


Investor Reactions

Investment Commentary

2014 PWP Invest Commentary Table

As we enter the fourth quarter of 2014, it is worth taking a pause and looking at the economic environment and public sentiment surrounding markets.  While there are a variety of reasons for the recent choppiness in the markets, we would rather point your attention to possible investor reactions, as opposed to causes, of the market selling.  Many investors feel that the markets (and, therefore their returns) are “out of their control.”  This is an understandable sentiment when considering the vast market size and political influences at play.

However, investors have more control than they often realize.  The decision to maintain investment discipline to a written Investment Policy Statement is very much in the control of each investor.  Like other areas in life that require discipline, staying the course can be difficult at times.  While our team is passionate about researching new, relevant, lower cost solutions and bringing those to your portfolio, our top priority is assisting you in staying the course in good markets and bad.  This discipline is the single most powerful factor in return optimization.  Remember, you have more control than you might think.

As always, we welcome your questions and comments concerning your investments, and we certainly appreciate the trust and confidence you have placed in us.  Thank you for your business!


Posted: October 15, 2014bethany

Authored by: Bethany Muensterman

Direct Phone: 812-602-6307


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