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Expert Advice on Active Versus Index Investing

Expert Advice on Active Versus Index Investing You’re likely feeling more and more familiar with the debate about investing using actively managed mutual funds versus using indexes in investing strategies. The 2017 tax season is a perfect time of year to revisit this topic because in addition

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How Much to Save For Your Future for Real Results

How Much to Save For Your Future for Real Results Early in the year, many of us like to set or reset certain goals and objectives we have. A question many ask themselves is “How much should I save for my future?” The answer? It depends. Factors

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Adviser Motivations & The Important Questions to Ask

I continue to talk with people who have no idea of their costs for financial advice or investment advice. Many are beginning to wonder what are the motivations a fiduciary adviser has so questions begin to form. “Are his/her interests aligned with mine?” “When he or she is

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How to Successfully Manage Your Financial Life When You’re Not Financially Savvy

Distracted. That’s one adjective we’ve all used to describe one another in America today. Technology has made it easier than ever to put information right at our fingertips. This created access to an unlimited amount of information, but also a certain amount of confusion. Tech breakthroughs claiming

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When Investors Should Say “I Don’t Know”

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to help investors have behavior that helps them achieve their goals. Central to intelligent investor behavior is understanding when to say “I don’t know.” The correct answer to any of the below questions is “I don’t know”: Where is the

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Facing the Future on Your Own

You don’t have to make financial decisions alone. Whether you are planning ahead or in the middle of the transition, you can handle your financial future.

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2016 Fourth Quarter Casual for a Cause Recipient – Boys & Girls Club

boys and girls club of evansville

Our Casual for a Cause recipient for the 4th Quarter of 2016 is the Boys and Girls Club of Evansville. We are happy to support this local service to kids.

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Top 5 Reasons Wealth Management is like CrossFit

Comprehensive Wealth Management is like Crossfit

Let’s first start out with what each of these things are: According to, “CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at relatively high intensity.” It’s a mix of multiple types of aerobic, gymnastic, and weight lifting exercises that are designed to challenge even the most elite

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The Power of Tax-Free Income for High-Income Earners

the power of tax free income for high income earners

I would change the saying for high-income earners to “A penny saved is more than a penny earned,” because taxes can impact your earned income so much.

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A Surprising Election Result. Now What?

As the pundits were all being proved wrong and the U.S. presidential election began to swing to Donald Trump, world markets reacted. The Mexican peso sold down over 10% as investors wondered what all the rhetoric around trade, jobs and immigration meant for our neighbor to the

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