Tips for Saving Money and Enjoying the Rest of Summer

Tips: Saving Money (Until December) and Enjoying the Last Few Months of Good Weather

ID-100143988The hot summer days are perfect for you to step up your game by making the most of your free time and money. There are plenty of fantastic opportunities where you may accomplish having a good time while saving money. Here are six of our favorite challenges for you to try before Jack Frost is nipping at our nose.


1. Turn off the television, summer is notID-10041895 over yet! Get outside, exercise, swim at the pool, and grill outside with your family more often than usual.

  • Sunlight is essential as it is the initiator of vitamin D3 creation in our bodies. Sunshine’s UVB rays interact with the cholesterol in our skin that ignites a process to create vitamin D from our kidneys and liver. This doesn’t happen without sunlight.


2. Eat at home. Families do not eat around the table like they used to and understandably so with children and ID-100156719grandchildren being so active now. So when you can, spend time with your family and eat at home.

  • Even if it is around the T.V.(though its frowned upon ^), taking the time to enjoy one another’s company and sharing the scoop from the day is important and less expensive than eating out.


3. Start a garden. ID-10020857When you do start eating at home more you will have to buy more groceries. Save trips to the store and money on the food you need by investing in your own personal garden.

  • Added bonus:  you’ll be outside in the sunlight when you are tending to your fruits and veggies!


4. Make a list. When you go to the store you will eliminate the temptation of unnecessary things by making a list.

  • When you utilize a list, you are planning your trip and what you are there for. ID-10043426When you walk by the “new, enhanced, and for a limited time only just $19.99” blanket you saw late last night on QVC and notice that it is not on your list, nor is it similar to anything at all on your list, you know you shouldn’t buy it. You’ll save money…and your pride.




5. Be active. (In the form of the Direct TV commercials)

If you are suffering from not having much to do, you become bored.ID-100140973

…When you become bored you sit at home on the internet.
…When you sit at home on the internet, you buy needless and expensive items.
…When you buy needless and expensive items you become broke.

Don’t become broke -Get Active!


6. Go “Green”. Today there are thousands of technological advances and some of the best are the ways we ID-10049811expend energy. In most cases, buying something that is organic or energy efficient is more expensive, but going “Green” and making your house as energy efficient as possible could save you money in the long run. While some areas may be more difficult, an easy place to start is with your appliances. You’ll be doing the world and your wallet a favor.


We hope you enjoy trying out some of our activities and suggestions! We encourage you to share your personal experiences with these tips and tell us your favorite. We look forward to what they might be!

In the spirit of summer,

Payne Wealth Partners


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