Honduras Medical Mission Trip

A Passion for Giving Back to the Community


By Alex Jenison

Recently I was hired as the PR and Marketing Intern at Payne Wealth Partners. During my initial interview I nervously shared that I was scheduled to be gone for a week at the end of May for a Mission Trip to Honduras. I was concerned they would not consider me since they needed help now and I would have a weeklong absence in the middle of the internship. What actually happened and how they felt was completely opposite. They embraced my passion for serving and this particular opportunity, as it fit perfectly into the Payne Wealth Partners overall team’s passion for giving back to the community.

This is not only stated in Payne Wealth Partners Core Values, but is actually embraced and lived by the company and team members. I’ve only been here 5 weeks and have experienced the commitment of serving the community in many ways. As an office we participated in several charitable events including being a “Sponsor for a Day” at the Ronald McDonald House, ongoing “Casual for a Cause” Friday’s, and a strong participation in the weeklong food drive for our local United Way. Payne Wealth Partner’s passion for serving the community extends past the office participation as I have had many coworkers donate their time and talents in serving our local and national community outside of office hours. I am proud to say “I am a Payne Wealth Partners team member”.

With the encouragement and support from Payne Wealth Partners the week starting on May 23 was my weeklong hiatuses to Honduras.  This was my second trip to this country and as my dad always says, “The next greatest week of my life”, and it was for many reasons. Naturally when you go to Honduras and hold a medical clinic in one of the poorest areas of the country – or world – you get a healthy dose of reality, humbleness, and thankfulness.  I also got a dose of envy for the Hondurans and their life. They do not focus on the stresses of things like work, reputation, and society as we do in the United States. While, they have their own stresses of finding food, shelter, and clothes for their family each day, they still never seem to complain or get upset with life.

For me, the trips to Honduras have been rejuvenating and replenishing. Going from the endless blessings of my US life to the unfortunate yet peaceful life of Honduras, fantastically puts my life into a new/refreshing perspective. To be able to help and provide care for such an unfortunate community, who are so thankful and happy, is and will continue to be one of the greatest blessings of my life. It’s an interesting experience because we go to Honduras to bless these people, but in the end, we are the ones who ultimately are blessed by the beautiful people of Honduras.

Statistics From The Honduras Medical Mission Trip

Patients Seen – 1,506
Doctor Visits – 1,468
Eye Exams – 548
– Prescription – 164
– Reading – 377
Family Photos Taken – 445
Hospitality Bags Gifted – 445
Prescriptions Filled – 2,045
Surgery’s Performed – 7

To see how the clinic works, see our pictures here!


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