4 Valuable Ways a Financial Planner Can Help You Get Organized

Summer is winding down, and it is time to get back to the daily grind of school, work, meetings, practices, you name it. In today’s instant gratification world, people are pulled in a thousand directions, making time one of our most valuable assets. Finding ways to use your time most efficiently pays great dividends towards living one’s best life. A financial planner can help in more ways than organizing and managing your finances. A good, fiduciary financial planner can help you discover what you want to accomplish in life and the monetary goals that match, determine strategies to meet those goals, and model the future using technology and reasonable assumptions.

Continue reading to see more ways a financial planner can help you organize your life to get the most out of it.

1) A Financial Planner Helps You Collect All of Your Important Documents in One Place

Let’s start with the obvious here, it’s a big task to keep all of our bank statements, loans, leases, mortgages, tax returns, investments, retirement accounts, trusts, assets, liabilities and all of the coordinating paperwork up to date and organized. Most of these are associated with online accounts, which also means oodles of username and password combinations to remember. When you hire a financial planner, they will need to collect all of this information causing you to gather and organize the necessary documents and accounts, creating a client folder, and ensuring at least one second set of eyes will be monitoring these accounts.

2) A Financial Planner Can Help You Learn to Manage Your Budget

After you have organized all of your financial documents, a financial planner can help you gain perspective on your overall situation by clearly discussing your current financial status. You will also be able to see a clear(er) picture of your spending habits. This is an important step in determining how much you should be saving each month for emergency and retirement funds, or towards reaching a financial goal (i.e. new car, house, paying for a child’s education, vacation property, etc.). One great tactic for budgeting is to create automation. This will automatically place your money in the appropriate accounts to reach your goals while giving you a better understanding of your “spending cash.”

3) A Financial Planner Can Help You Discover What’s Most Important To You

You likely already know what you find important and have an idea of what you want to accomplish in life, but do you know how well your current financial status matches up to these big-picture goals or if they are even possible? Or maybe you are so wrapped up in the demands of your daily life that it’s been awhile since you last stopped to look at the big picture?

Our firm takes the time to hear and learn what’s most important to you in life, then uses that information to help you model ways in which you can reach more goals than you imagined or possibly sooner than you thought. Making decisions on important matters would become a collaborative effort with on-going planning that would help you achieve what is most significant to you.

4) A Financial Planner Can Help You Save (in more ways than one)

You may feel that you’ve been a good steward of your money – you guard your wealth like Fort Knox, you limit your amount of frivolous purchases, you do research to find the best value when making large purchases. But even big savers and high-income earners can benefit from the advice of a financial planner.

A good financial planner will help you save by implementing tax-efficient strategies, directing your savings towards investments that can earn over time, and suggesting retirement accounts that will allow you to reach your long-term goals for living your best life and leaving a powerful legacy.

A financial planner can also help you save time, which we’ve already established as one of our most valuable assets. Even if you are exceptionally organized and financially savvy, managing all of your finances (and potentially your spouse’s) takes time. Free time is at a premium, and if it comes down to managing your money or doing something you enjoy, my gut tells me you will choose the thing you enjoy more times than not. You can rest assured that your financial planner will make your money a priority. They have the time, knowledge and resources, and if you choose to work with a fiduciary adviser, they have taken a pledge to put your best interests first.

In Summary

An Indiana financial planner is a great asset to have in your corner – they can help keep you organized and on task for reaching your long-term financial goals. As a fee-only, fiduciary firm, Payne Wealth Partners is here to listen to who you are, collaborate with you to understand and create the financial future you envision, and help impact your life in an honest and sincere way. Click here to start a conversation with one of our dedicated and knowledgeable advisers today.


Published: August 30, 2017

Author: Ali Meyer

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